A fond farewell

Today was our last day at Jaipuria School and we saw lots of lessons and activities; firstly we saw a storytelling session then went on to see an inter-house quiz and we were impressed with the general knowledge of all the children who took part.  After that, we shared some lesson plans with the English and French teachers before moving on to a  lesson on Indian dance.

image image

Next it was social studies in which the class were learning about longitude and latitude and then a grammar lesson all about using adverbs.

Rain is forecast over the next few days so we shall be thinking of our friends at Jaipuria and hoping that  it doesn’t rain on Sports Day on Friday  and Saturday.

We shall by flying back to England tomorrow and leaving India behind us but we shall always treasure our memories of this special week.  Just as you are all learning every day at school we have also learnt so much from our visit and look forward to sharing it with you.


What will tomorrow bring?

We”re both looking forward to meeting more students at school tomorrow when we shall be working with classes V and Vi – Viiii before we say goodbye.

Year 4, do you remember completing these All About Me sheets?  Well, your link classes enjoyed looking at them and finding out about you all.  They have done the very same work for you so we shall share them in PSHE next Friday.




Taj Mahal was truly incredible . It took 22 years to build with 22 domes celebrating each year . This was built at the same time as the great fire of London where much timber was still used. The sheer scale of it is enormous and symmetry has been used throughout. Hello from Mr McEntee and Mrs Olyett to all at Chater! And hello to children at Victoria school who are following our blog and doing a topic on India. The drive home was fun with crazy traffic and everyone beeping horns and driving very close to each other. We did spot one very brave learner driver!!


Go on Chater, have a go!

Here is Jaipuria School’s maths challenge .  This is posted on a notice board in the corridor and the children are very keen to submit their answers and get a credit.  We are offering house points for correct answers showing your working out.



Our Welcome Assembly and time in the classrooms

Earlier today we were treated to a truly spectacular welcome assembly.  It started off with some breathtaking Indian dancing.  After that, children from different year groups showed us how guests are welcomed around the world.

We we also watched some lessons in pre- primary.   These children were learning their letters and shape names.   We have been interviewed by The School Council and they were very interested to hear about school life at Chater.  Did you know that in India primary school aged children have a different teacher for each subject.?image image image


Our First visit to Seth Anandram Jaipuria School

No sooner had we checked into our hotel we were off on our travels again to meet the wonderful staff at our link school.  The children had already gone home for the day – well, they do start at 7:30 a.m.- but we had a tour of the nursery and pre reception classes of which there are 12 altogether.  Here you can see us with the welcoming staff who have been showing us round.image image